Review Policy

byairandland was designed as a place to share my experiences with two of my greatest loves – reading and running. I am not compensated for any of my reviews/recaps and each review/recap posted is my honest opinion. I admire integrity, thus, if at any time I receive a free copy of an ARC/released book or a waived race fee, it will be noted at the begging of my review/recap.

byairandland will gladly accept novels from authors, publicists, and publishers for review. I request a period of four to six weeks to adequately read and review requests. As of right now, I will not be reviewing any self-published novels. I will accept any genre in the form of ARCs, print, PDFs and Kindle Mobi.

If you would like to request a review, please contact me at my email

Rating Scale:
DNF – Although rare, I maintain the right to not finish any book sent for review.
1 Star – Finished solely to finish, would not recommend
2 stars – Meh read, below average, would not recommend
3 stars – Good read, average, would recommend to some
4 Stars – Pleasant read, above average, would recommend
5 Stars – Phenomenal read, exceeds expectations, would recommend to anyone
Book of the Month Rating Scale:
Loved it – Above 4 Stars
Liked it – 3 to 4 Stars
Disliked it – Below 3 Stars