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Marathon Monday: Blue Moon 10K

After my last half-marathon, I was itching for another race. I went to the runMichigan website to see what will be coming up in March/April. I got super distracted by all of the virtual run medals, then that’s when I saw it. In two days (aka January 31st), there was a Blue Moon 10K in honor of the Super Blood Blue Moon. The race would occur in a town only 40 minutes from my house, with a plowed and salted bike path, in the brightness of the moon.

I do not know how many of you are little moon children like I am. I 100% believe in cosmic anomalies. Any time there is a Blood Moon or a Super Moon, I turn into a complete insomniac manic, thriving on 3 hours a sleep a day. Normally, I go to bed at 8:30pm and sleep for 10 hours. The idea of running a 10k in the middle of the Super Blood Blue Moon seemed like an excellent way to get my work-out in, as well as runoff any Blood Moon jitters.

The race was to begin at 6:20pm for the 10k. Bib pick up started at 5:00pm before the race. Since the town the race was in was on my way home from work, I packed my car up with everything I could potentially need (you never know how drastically the weather could change throughout the day in Michigan). I hung out at work longer than normal, changes into my race clothes, then drove directly to the bar that was hosting the Blue Moon 10K.

I forgot how bad traffic would be during rush hour, and I arrived at the bar at 6:13pm. I quickly ran to the bar to grab my bib, and flashlight then used the washroom with what little time I had left. There were still plenty of people hangout out so I figured I had time, I was wrong. They were all for the 5K that started 10 minutes after the 10K’s start. I sprinted out of the washroom to my car, threw off my winter coat and my running jacket (it ended up being 43F), grabbed my ID to get my beer after, and raced to catch up with the group heading off into the park.

The race ended up starting late at 6:26pm, so I did not miss the start time. Around me, there was probably 40 runners total. Not bad for a race that created only three weeks earlier. The race official explained to us that there will be glow sticks to direct us where the 5k turnaround point was and then which turns we are supposed to take. When the race commenced, the moon still hadn’t risen, making the course harder to see. I was glad they gave us each flashlight since I could not find my headlamp the day before.

I started my run off at my typical first-mile pace 10:00 where I began to chat up with a couple of runners nearby. I hung with them until a little past the 5k turnaround point, but then we hit our hill. My scheduled workout for the day was my hill workout. So when I got to the hill, I knew I would need to put all my effort into it to gain the same benefits. I ended up running the mile up the hill in 9 minutes and 43 seconds. At the top of the hill was a loop which comprised of the 10K turnaround. In the turnaround, I ended up passing four more people. I looked down at my pass. I was at a 9-minute mile!

Right when I got to the middle of the loop, the Super Blood Blue moon had finally come out. The course got instantly brighter! I wanted to stop to take a photo, but I didn’t want to lose time. So I waited until I was finished the loop and was on my way back down the hill. I took my phone out of my pocket, snapped a few photos while I ran, and continued on my way. That’s when I felt something shift out of my pocket. DANG IT! I dropped my one GU. Or at least that is what I thought. So I didn’t stop to look at what had fallen out. I was already sprinting down the hillside and passed another two runners.

Finally, my Garmin marked that I was at mile 4, time to take my Gu. Even though I thought I had dropped it I checked both of my pockets anyway. SWEET! It was actually in my left pocket this whole time. I downed the Gu and continued my way to the finish line. I passed another two runners, and I had finally caught up with the 5K walkers and began passing them. I crossed the finish line at 57:56:9. I was ecstatic! This was my first official 10K race and I felt like a 9:21 mile pace was a perfect time to start off with. I began to make my way back to the bar to collect my medal and my beer. That is when it hit me. I didn’t drop my GU from my pocket, I dropped my driver’s license…

At the bar, there was a Taco Bar set up for all the post runners to eat. The line was pretty long so I went to grab my medal. I was impressed! I honestly wasn’t expecting the medal to be this nice, but the race coordinator really went through the trouble of making it as special as he could for such a last minute race. I then went to the bar, grabbed a water to scarf down. Even though my bib said I was 23, I was still carded. On my way out, to go find my driver’s license, I gave my spare drink ticket to two girls that looked around my age. They offered to get a beer for me with my ticket, but I didn’t want to drink a beer and then drive home without a license if I couldn’t find it.

G offered to drive up and help me look, but I told him I knew exactly where it was. Thankfully, it was also someplace I could drive my car too, so I didn’t have to walk the trail alone in the dark. I parked my car right at the end of the loop and began searching. I couldn’t find it. Maybe it wasn’t where I thought it was? I headed back to my car when my phone rang. I looked and it was a number I never have seen before. I answered.

“Hello, this is Shelby!”

“Hi, Shelby? It’s Bob – the race coordinator for the Blue Moon Night run? One of the runners found your ID at the end of the 10K loop. Do you want me to mail it to you?”

“Actually Bob! I went back out on the course to look for it! I can be back at the bar in 10 minutes. Thank you!”

“Great! You are welcome.”

So the ID was where I thought I left it. I hopped back in my car and drove to the bar. As I walked back into the bar, the two girls I gave my drink ticket to were walking out. “HEY! They found your ID. They announced it and we were both like WAIT WE KNOW THAT GIRL!”

“I heard! Thank you guys so much. Drive safe!”

This time, the majority of the runners had cleared out. It was easier to walk through, and I saw the Taco Bar had plenty of food left. I grabbed two tacos, then headed to the back of the room, where I got my medal from, to grab my ID. By the time I got home, it was already 9:00pm – my bedtime.

The next day the official results came out, AND I FINISHED 1ST IN MY AGE GROUP!

Happy Running!



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